Tyvek Wristbands For Running Events April 28, 2016 17:41

With the running of the The London Marathon last week, the race season has officially started!  

Whatever size your event and however far - a 5k or 10k fun run or something more challenging like a half marathon or a triathlon, a Tyvek wristband with sequential numbering is the low cost, effective way of managing runners belongings. Wristband Market can print sets two Tyvek Wristbands with identical numbers - one for the runner and one for their bag. Then at the end of the race it's a quick and east process to match up the tired athlete with their stuff.


Buy online or call us today for a advice and a quote.

Tyvek Wristbands - The Perfect Ticket Alternatve April 18, 2016 12:50

I doesn't matter what event you plan to hold and doesn't matter how large or small - you still want to make sure that the right people get entry.

Custom-printed Tyvek wristbands are the perfect solution. Send them out beforehand or pop them on someone's wrist when they enter the event and the job is done. They can be sequentially numbered for whatever quantity you need and carry your chosen logo or image to make them completely unique.

Tyvek is hard wearing and rugged but totally safe and easily removed once the event is over.

School Trip Security April 12, 2016 17:03

At this time of year schools are planning their trips for the summer term. Whether it’s a day trip to the woods or a week in France, the perfect security solution is a numbered Tyvek Wristband from Wristband Market.

It’s a further step on the ‘duty of care’ to make sure that even if the precious little darling wanders off, the details  of the school and emergency number will be there for any responsible person to see.

You can choose from a whole range of colours and the cool neon ones are especially popular amongst the kids themselves.  We can have them printed and delivered to your school the next day and using our online widget to create information is simplicity itself.

Amazing uses for Tyvek Wristbands! March 8, 2016 09:05

Tyvek is an amazing material! It's used for bio suits, insulating buildings and of course......wristbands!

When the mention of Tyvek wristbands comes up in conversation, the obvious uses spring to mind. Festivals and large sporting events being the main ones, but what about their other uses.....the more obscure reasons to use wristbands. 

They are of course a great tool for promotional reasons. We've recently had customers that have have used them to hand out at large events for discounts at their bar/restaurant, a great way of making sure that they get their own customers through the door.

Aren't wristbands just awesome.........

Hen Party keep your brood in check! March 1, 2016 13:04

It's getting to that time of year where wedding bells start to fill the air. Along with those wedding bells comes a popular tradition of the hen party, a night or two fueled by alcohol and mischief, giving the bride to be one last night of fun before taking the plunge into wedded bliss!

It's come to our attention at Wristband Market that these nights can get a little messy at times, with hens breaking free from the brood and getting lost. 

A perfect way to stop this happening is getting some customised tyvek wristbands for you and your brood, giving other members of public, all the information they need to help return a flapping hen back to her group. 

It's a great way to maybe score a few free drinks as well.....depending on what you have written on the wristband! Get your hen party wristbands here today and we'll be sure to customise them however you want in the 13 different colour choices we have available.

White Collar Boxing, Kick Boxing....we've got it all boxed up! February 29, 2016 13:07

White Collar Boxing has been gradually increasing in popularity over the last few years, seeing independent boxing companies spring up all over the UK.

Coupled with the steady success that Great Britain is achieving on an Olympic stage in the Kick Boxing/Martial Arts in the last few years, we can see why both sports are becoming more and more popular.



Here at Wristband Market, we already supply a number of different kickboxing and white collar boxing companies with customised tyvek wristbands. They are a great security solution and another way of ticketing, giving special access to the ring side, special designated areas as well as general admission.

If your involved with organising matches in either boxing or any other form of boxing/martial arts, get in touch and we'll be sure to give you the best quote on a cheap yet effective form of security at your events. Click here to start designing your own wristbands. 

Festival season is fast approaching! February 28, 2016 08:28

It's nearly that time of year again, when the temperature starts to creep into double digits and we have to wear less than 4 layers to be outside. I am of course talking about Spring and with that means FESTIVAL SEASON!



Here at Wristband Market we help provide some of the biggest and best festivals with security solutions through the means of customised tyvek wristbands. With 13 different colours to choose from and endless customisation available we will provide you with the best service possible. 

If you are a festival organiser or an event management company, don't hesitate to get in touch and we will make sure to give you the best deal out there on tyvek wristbands. 



Lowest UK Prices with the Price Beat Promise November 25, 2015 10:00

Here at Wristband Market, we take pride in the quality of our products......but who's not to say you can have the best product out there for the best price too!

We run a service that goes hand in hand with YOU! The customer.  All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call on 01494 853 153 and we will work together to achieve the best quote possible.

 If you happen to have a validated UK quote on tyvek wristbands, we will do everything in our power to beat that and make sure you get high quality wristbands in process!

Don't hesitate! Pick up the phone today, whether it be large volumes for festivals and events or a few for birthday party.....we are your guys!

A spectacular solution for Hen Parties! November 20, 2015 12:15

Calling all Hens.........

There are amazing discounts currently running on NEON colours!

Hen Party Wristbands are a great way to keep your brood together....customising them to say whatever you want! The picture below is just a template which you can use.....or completely design them from scratch here.

Company Christmas Parties..... November 16, 2015 10:52

As December of the key things on every employee's mind is the company Christmas do! Some companies and organisations hold their events at private venues that are hired out specially for that occasion. However what happens when the party takes place at a venue involving the public as well?!

Some employers like to have benefits such as drinks vouchers or a free bar for employees, however it's pretty difficult to either ration of differentiate between people at a large scale event. 


Wristband Market has the perfect solution to the problem! Customised tyvek wristbands can be used as drinks vouchers and a way of easily identifying people who are entitled to the benefits of the organisation or company's Christmas party!

Give us a call or visit our website to get your wristband solution today!

Christmas events starting soon..... November 10, 2015 11:55

It's that time of year when the count down to christmas lights being turned on beings, Hyde Park turns into one massive Winter Wonderland and everyone floods to the high street to purchase presents for their loved ones!

Here at Wristband Market, we know the importance of a well run Christmas event, whether it's a small, intimate event or a large scale Christmas festival we are here to help. Customised Tyvek wristbands are a perfect way of keeping track of all attendees and a cheap, cost effective way of managing security.

Let us help you have a great, well managed Christmas event this year....

Calling All Up and Coming Bands!........ October 29, 2015 10:08

We've all got to start somewhere and playing the pub/club scene is a vital part of any good bands transition to the top. 

Here at Wristband Market we can help get the ball rolling. In order to manage security/recorded entry at gigs, tyvek wristbands are a great, effective solution to making sure no one sneaks in as well as creating cheap marketing for your band.


Putting your own artwork/logos/designs on the wristbands along with contact information on how to book your band for gigs will always help with getting your names out there!

Give us a call today and let us help you....