Festival season is fast approaching! February 28, 2016 08:28

It's nearly that time of year again, when the temperature starts to creep into double digits and we have to wear less than 4 layers to be outside. I am of course talking about Spring and with that means FESTIVAL SEASON!



Here at Wristband Market we help provide some of the biggest and best festivals with security solutions through the means of customised tyvek wristbands. With 13 different colours to choose from and endless customisation available we will provide you with the best service possible. 

If you are a festival organiser or an event management company, don't hesitate to get in touch and we will make sure to give you the best deal out there on tyvek wristbands. 



End of Summer Sale!!! September 3, 2015 09:13

You can feel the chill in the air........winter is coming.......and thats not a Game of Thrones reference!

Here at Wristband Market we are going against the grain and extending the summer vibes with an end of summer sale! For any defiant souls out there that are determined to hold parties, events and festivals while the leaves start to fall from the trees....

Just pop in the discount code above ('SAVE15') and get......thats right you've guessed it.....15% off your total order regardless of the price! Your welcome.....



End of the Line Festival...... August 27, 2015 16:17

Amongst the beautiful town of Chesham stands a farm called Hazeldene.....and this year it's taking over a transformation during 28th - 29th August!

Described as a proper rave-up in a field (in the stunning Asheridge Vale on the edge of Chesham slap bang at the end of the Metropolitan line) and within 1.4 miles walking distance from the tube, it's certainly going to be one awesome weekend....with a fully licensed bar, VIP Options for ageing cheesy quavers, Healing Tent with massage and reiki (no authentic rave is complete without these), high quality locally sourced food supplied by Hazeldene Farm....what more could you want?

Make sure you get your last minute tickets by clicking here. With that comes a lovely wristband that are fresh off the printers!...

There's still time!!!.... August 26, 2015 18:54

Everyone, everywhere is mourning the prospect that Summer is nearly over......but don't panic! There are still a few festivals to cling to before the last of the sunshine leaves us......


Those festivals will almost certainly mean......wristbands!!! Here at Wristband Market we are still taking last minute orders for any organisers out there that still have to tick off those last minute projects/jobs.

With 13 different colours and a variety of different customisation options available, we can help you out.....

Get up to Beal Farm for........Lindisfarne Festival! August 20, 2015 15:59

On September 4th 2015, a unique festival packed full of Live DJ's, Street Food, Real Ales, Camping and loads more things for the wind down to the summer calendar. 

Lindisfarne Festival situated in Lindisfarne National Park is set to surprise all attendees with it's beautiful scenery and alternative attractions such as Tibeton Monks!

It's going to be a fantastic weekend so make sure you get your tickets now! Along with those tickets, on entry you get a lovely wristband

Good Luck for Results Day!!!...... August 19, 2015 11:27

It's that time of year again! GCSE results are upon at Wristband Market we wish everyone the best of luck.

Whether someone gets the results they want or not, fear not as there is always the upcoming weekend to have a great time either at your local festival or party. That way, you can let out all the built up stress that this time of year places upon secondary school students!

There are still plenty of music festivals to enjoy! Make sure you grab your tickets and wristbands for entry!....

Regattas! Quintessentially British.... July 28, 2015 13:48

When the word regatta it mentioned, it sends visions of striped jackets and Pimms flowing from a seemingly endless source. Meanwhile attendees are either fixed intently on the rowing thats taking place or simply trying to remain upright!


All joking aside regatta season is steeped in tradition with one of the most famous being Royal Henley Regatta, hosted each year by the town of Henley on Thames. As one of the most eagerly awaited events on the British Summer calendar, it attracts thousands of people each year from all over the world.

Smaller riverside towns in the UK also have their own traditions and regattas. Some examples being Marlow and Hurley to name but a few. These smaller, more intimate events have taken to using wristbands as a means of security and keeping track of attendees.

Just as well we have colours such as gold and silver....seemingly appropriate colours for such events!