Hen Party Wristbands.....to keep your brood in check! March 1, 2016 13:04

It's getting to that time of year where wedding bells start to fill the air. Along with those wedding bells comes a popular tradition of the hen party, a night or two fueled by alcohol and mischief, giving the bride to be one last night of fun before taking the plunge into wedded bliss!

It's come to our attention at Wristband Market that these nights can get a little messy at times, with hens breaking free from the brood and getting lost. 

A perfect way to stop this happening is getting some customised tyvek wristbands for you and your brood, giving other members of public, all the information they need to help return a flapping hen back to her group. 

It's a great way to maybe score a few free drinks as well.....depending on what you have written on the wristband! Get your hen party wristbands here today and we'll be sure to customise them however you want in the 13 different colour choices we have available.