Autumn is upon us.......but don't be depressed! August 11, 2015 09:38

The thought of it brings grown men to it seems to appear and disappear in an instant. British summertime why must you be so scarce and ephemeral...

I know there may be some optimists out there saying.....its only August! That is a fair point but as a realist one has to be prepared for the change in seasons! 

All is not lost because with the changing of the leaves comes a festival like no other, where people can drink and dance their troubles away while gorging on a the many fine delights of German cooking. I am of course talking about Oktoberfest!

Steeped in tradition, people gather on mass where they consume copious amounts of beer and eat hearty food all while being crammed into a large "Bierzelt" (beer tent). One can either fly abroad to a city in Bavaria (region in Germany) to experience the full force that Oktoberfest has to offer or stay a little closer to home as British pubs and clubs are quickly adopting the tradition.

Just as well tyvek wristbands were created for a very reason such as this! Security is a priority when dealing in such large numbers of people. That's where we come in.......