Remember Remember the 5th....... October 26, 2015 11:42

It's nearly upon us! Guy Fawkes night........a very British tradition of remembering The Gunpowder Plot...

In simple terms everybody layers up with clothing to stand around a huge fire in attempt to warm up because they're freezing, whilst firework are ignited only to send cats on dogs everywhere into a frenzy!

OK.....sounds a little bit cynical......but for everyone out there who enjoys a good firework display most of them now require you to pay up front or "on the door" meaning that tyvek wristbands  then become a feature!

If you're organising an event which includes a firework display.....make sure you get your wristbands entering: BOOM20 at the checkout to receive a nice little 20% OFF your order.

See......we're getting into the festive spirit of giving!......