The Infamous VIP Section..... July 29, 2015 14:29

They can be seen in most nightclubs, the velvet red rope separating those who are deemed "very important" or people who just pay enough to become important from the general public. If you're lucky enough you may get the odd glimpse of a celebrity with a bottle of Grey Goose at their table while you end up queuing at the bar. 

Either way, VIP sections are a necessary addition to night club floors allowing people to pay premium prices to be treated like royalty for the evening. Celebrities are often coxed in to make appearances that help draw a crowd and bring more custom. Clean leather couches and your own security guard are often the main give-away for such a section in but wristbands are almost always used as a method of distinguishing between the VIP's and the P's.

Whether you're "very important" or not, we still love you! 


Nightlife, Pub Crawls, Bar Tours........the only way to see a city! July 28, 2015 09:35

Although it may not be the first type of tour that springs to mind for a tourist visiting a new city, pub crawls and bar tours are a cost effective way to enjoy the nightlife of the area as well as viewing the sights and sounds of the city. 

If one were to take London as an example, there are a number of companies that offer pub crawls and bar tours around trendy and popular areas such as Shoreditch and Soho.


The procedure starts by going to a particular meeting point or bar at a specific time. A small fee is paid, a wristband is then handed over which must be worn in order to obtain entry into all the drinking establishments. A drink or two is then normally included in the price of the ticket at every venue in the tour or crawl.  

They are are a great way of getting social in a new city, meeting new people and generally having a great time in new surroundings!