Raise a glass to the......Bank Holiday Weekend! August 28, 2015 10:37

It's finally here.....the weekend. Not just any weekend and we all know why....Bank Holidays come few and far between however it doesn't stop us making the most of them when they do appear out of the murky mist that is the normal working week. 

Whether it's Notting Hill Carnival or your local festival...make sure you raise a glass to the last few days of summer.

Most of these festivals and carnivals will need tyvek wristbands for recorded entry and whether your a festival organiser for a large event or pub/club owner that needs some wristbands for their establishment....we're here to help!

End of the Line Festival...... August 27, 2015 16:17

Amongst the beautiful town of Chesham stands a farm called Hazeldene.....and this year it's taking over a transformation during 28th - 29th August!

Described as a proper rave-up in a field (in the stunning Asheridge Vale on the edge of Chesham slap bang at the end of the Metropolitan line) and within 1.4 miles walking distance from the tube, it's certainly going to be one awesome weekend....with a fully licensed bar, VIP Options for ageing cheesy quavers, Healing Tent with massage and reiki (no authentic rave is complete without these), high quality locally sourced food supplied by Hazeldene Farm....what more could you want?

Make sure you get your last minute tickets by clicking here. With that comes a lovely wristband that are fresh off the printers!...

Get up to Beal Farm for........Lindisfarne Festival! August 20, 2015 15:59

On September 4th 2015, a unique festival packed full of Live DJ's, Street Food, Real Ales, Camping and loads more things for the wind down to the summer calendar. 

Lindisfarne Festival situated in Lindisfarne National Park is set to surprise all attendees with it's beautiful scenery and alternative attractions such as Tibeton Monks!

It's going to be a fantastic weekend so make sure you get your tickets now! Along with those tickets, on entry you get a lovely wristband

Everyone loves a tribute! August 10, 2015 11:07

No no....I'm not talking about the Hunger Games...its a reference to the rise of up and coming tribute bands taking the stages nowadays. 

They are becoming more and more popular, bands that perform, sing and even behave exactly like the big names. It can be quite extraordinary watching someone mimic the way in which a famous star such as Mick Jagger or Freddie Mercury move. 

They are becoming so popular that there is now a whole music festival dedicated to tribute bands that's coming up on the 12th September.

Situated at Wolverhampton Race Course, Tribute in the Park hosts a wide variety of music from bands such as Blurb, QE2 (Queen Tribute Band), Kaiser Thief's and many more!

Why not make the trip to go an see some of the best tribute acts around. Be sure to purchase your tickets early to get your hands on your wristband for immediate entry!

That Monday Morning Feeling...... August 3, 2015 11:43

It's debatably the worst day of the week, Monday........the most arduous of mornings where we have to drag ourselves out of bed, scramble lunch together while meanwhile brewing the tea or coffee. It's just the worst.......

The only saving grace being that its one more step close to next weekend! Whether its a gig, festival, party or event to look forward to, remember one should always have something on the horizon as their goal or light at the end of the tunnel.

If you happen to be at the organisational end of an event or festival, finding yourself a little behind and wondering if you've got everything covered with regards to security. Just remember our staff at Wristband Market will customise, print and dispatch all within the same day, along with our express delivery option, we can get them to you by 1pm the next working day!

So relax.....managers, organisers and planners we've got you covered

Wristbands for Events, Night Clubs, Festivals and Raves! July 27, 2015 16:38

We've all had them lined up our arms at one point in our lives. The glow in the dark, bright neon colour wristbands that are worn as a symbol of defiance to everyone else the next day. They are a badge of honor! 

Wristbands for events and night clubs are used for security purposes in order to highlight that entry has been paid for or one has the right of passage into the event. They have become very popular and a cost effective way of keeping track of security. The fact that Tyvek wristbands come in such bight and eye catching colours is just a bonus as they are easy to see. 

Festivals, raves, charity events, sporting events or anything that requires keeping track of attendance and security mean that wristbands such as the ones Wristband Market supplies become the easiest method of doing so!