A spectacular solution for Hen Parties! November 20, 2015 12:15

Calling all Hens.........

There are amazing discounts currently running on NEON colours!

Hen Party Wristbands are a great way to keep your brood together....customising them to say whatever you want! The picture below is just a template which you can use.....or completely design them from scratch here.

Need just a small number of wristbands? No problem..... August 3, 2015 15:02

Have you needed wristbands for your social events or activities but only needed small a quantity? Frustrated by the fact most sites and companies only offer a minimum order of 100?

Wristband Market has the solution you've been looking for! We deal in order sizes as low as 20 wristbands because we know that if your a hen party of your closest friends or a small group just out for a good time you don't need 100 wristbands! 

All the same customisation options are available and you can pick and choose from 2 varying widths, whether it be the narrow 19mm or the standard 25mm tyvek wristbands. We have 13 different colours to choose from at very competitive prices. 

Order your's today!......

The Hen (Bachelorette) Party for the Bride to Be.... July 28, 2015 14:36

It's a right of passage, a tradition, every bride to be has to have a Hen Do (Bachelorette for our US readers). Whether its a few drinks down the local with the stereotypical "L Plate" draped around her neck or a weekend away in the south of France with her girlfriends, the bride's "last night of freedom" has to be celebrated.

It's become a huge industry with the average spend per person on a Hen Party is £110. As already mentioned above the growing trend is for the lucky bride to be and her friends to depart for foreign shores for a few days whilst celebrating. 

There are now companies devoted to making sure that everything for a weekend such as this is organised down to the last detail. Some of the events will normally include a bar crawl including wristbands printed with examples such as "Hen Party - If lost please buy her a drink".

Unfortunately for the groom to be, the wristbands can't be fitted with tacking devices! At least we've got lots of neon colours so they can be easily spotted!