Bringing back Laser Tag for those rainy days.... July 29, 2015 16:00

When we flash back to the days of childhood, one of the favourite past times was Laser Tag.

Although some of the experiences can now be mimicked with first person shooting games on the Xbox, nothing quite beat the rush of running around a dark warehouse full of neon lights while shooting other people with infrared lasers. 

Although the rainy day past time seemed to die out in the mid 2000's its slowly making a come back with Laser Tag companies springing back up across the UK. Enjoyed by adults and children alike, its was way of unleashing any pent up frustration as well as good exercise providing you actually do run around!

With any past time or activity that requires keeping track of numbers and security, wristbands are used in order to do so! Its lucky that here at Wristband Market, we've got all the neon colours to match those lights!