The Hen (Bachelorette) Party for the Bride to Be.... July 28, 2015 14:36

It's a right of passage, a tradition, every bride to be has to have a Hen Do (Bachelorette for our US readers). Whether its a few drinks down the local with the stereotypical "L Plate" draped around her neck or a weekend away in the south of France with her girlfriends, the bride's "last night of freedom" has to be celebrated.

It's become a huge industry with the average spend per person on a Hen Party is £110. As already mentioned above the growing trend is for the lucky bride to be and her friends to depart for foreign shores for a few days whilst celebrating. 

There are now companies devoted to making sure that everything for a weekend such as this is organised down to the last detail. Some of the events will normally include a bar crawl including wristbands printed with examples such as "Hen Party - If lost please buy her a drink".

Unfortunately for the groom to be, the wristbands can't be fitted with tacking devices! At least we've got lots of neon colours so they can be easily spotted!